THE APPEAL, an historically inaccurate look at English Romantic poets, explores the imagined private lives of Byron, Coleridge, Dorothy, and Wordsworth as they get drunk, hang out, and commiserate in England and the Swiss Alps.

  • Photos Tara Webb
  • Video Documentation Caroline Kim



Written and directed by Young Jean Lee
Produced by Daniel Aukin and Alexandra Conley


  • Maggie Hoffman
  • Michael Portnoy
  • Pete Simpson
  • James Stanley


  • Dramaturg Mike Farry
  • Original Music by Matmos
  • Scenic and Lighting Designer Eric Dyer
  • Costume Designer Teresa Webb
  • Sound Designer Yehuda Duenyas
  • Stage Manager Rollo Romig

Soho Rep, New York
April 2004

Produced by Soho Rep.